Numbers that won on Monday were white balls 13 19 36, 39, 59, and the red Powerball 13.

The sales of lottery tickets are taking place at a rapid pace and many retailers in

the metro area have reported experiencing a surge in traffic to their stores.

If you do not play, you are not going to win," said Priscilla Mayes of Pearl.

The bright Powerball jackpot display at the entrance of Cross Country in Brandon is attracting

more customers through the door. When it is up, we see a big increase," said Jason Henry,

with Cross Country. "As far as lottery sales, 300% to 400% increase in traffic when

the numbers are really high. The state is experiencing enormous growth in the lottery industry,

which is relatively new. Lawmakers have set the bar for the initial $180 million of revenue to be

put towards repair of bridges and roads and the remaining to be used for education.

Massive jackpots like this increase the number of people who live in the state up.