The Philadelphia Phillies made it. In some way, the team is now participating in the World Series.

Do you remember what it was like the last time? Did you even recall your final World Series in Philadelphia

Aaron Nola will take the field this evening in Houston against Houston Astros pitching

ace and probable American League Cy Young winner Justin Verlander.

As with the majority of days this summer the Phillies will be playing an MLB game.

There could be more fans watching and more at stake however the game that they play on

the night of Friday will not be different from how they played during the remainder of

the postseason as well as the regular seas the drizzle would stop in Citizens Bank Park so

they could play game 5 in the 2008 World Series. On Friday, in Minute Maid Park

the roof will be shut as well as both the Phillies along with the Astros can play baseball!