Vincent Kartheiser is close friend of Alexis Bledel, want to divorce

On the 10th of August, Kartheiser filed a paperwork in the New York's Putnam County Supreme Court to divorce the "Glimore Girls" star.

A 6-year-old receives suggestions from two or three.

Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel have given up.

After eight year marriage Kartheiser is now preparing for the formal separation of her marriage, a representative for Kartheiser's " crazy people" actress confirmed.

According to the records that we have obtained from our weekly newspaper, Kartheiser, 43, filed a divorce petition for her "Glimore Girl's" star, 40, on August 10, at the Putnam CountySupreme Court of New York.

After meeting on stage of the AMC show, bledel secretly married her future X in June of 2014.

They weighed their weight until the final filming session to explore their genuine emotions.

The performer planned her wedding ceremony during filming of 2015's "Jenny's wedding", in which she played a lesbian preparing to be married into a conservative family together with Katherine Heigl.