After the excellent first episode of this Game of Thrones spin-off, Westeros appeared to be in unusually good shape. 

The unruly uncle Daemon (Matt Smith) was exiled in a huff, and Rhaenyra Targaryen (Milly Alcock) was crowned heir to her father Viserys' (Paddy Considine) throne.

Unfortunately, this second episode, which is set six months later, establishes the potentially titanic conflicts that will drive this series and could lead to their all-out destruction.

The Crab Feeder, also known as Craghas Drahar, prowls the kingdom's shores and serves as the episode's bookend. 

He is a shadowy figure who shoots at Westerosi ships and stakes out his victims on the shore at low tide for the supposedly vicious crustaceans of Westeros to eat 

 It's a strikingly framed scene, with the low golden sun nicely contrasting with the ominous ground-level blood and guts and the black smoke of burning ships.

For Craghas, however, the series reverts to antiquated stereotypes that link disfigurement to violence by having him cover his scarred face with a metal mask in the Phantom of the Opera fashion.

If last week was all about the carefully limited violence of the joust and the all-too-real dangers of childbirth, here the scope widens to whole battlefields of victims at once. 

This seaside carnage is the first sign we've seen of the large-scale massacre we're used to in Westeros. 

And we're only in week two. They were still hurling stones at a puppy on the Kingsroad at this point in Game of Thrones.