वीIn the event that no lucky lucky person won the million-dollar Powerball jackpot,

the players must compete for the jackpot again on Wednesday with the staggering sum of $1.2 billion.

The prize is the second largest prize in the Powerball's 30 years of history as per the lottery,

which is just after that record $1.586 billion prize in 2016. The winning numbers of

the drawing for Halloween included 13 19 36 39, 59 as well as Red Powerball 13.

Although no one won the top prize 10 winners won prizes of $1 million and three tickets

reeled with a prize of $2 million through power play, which is the game's Power Play feature,

Powerball declared. players have been frightened for 38 times in a row without a winning jackpot

Powerball said. The biggest prize of all was given to a ticket in

Pennsylvania on players of August for the $206.9 Million pot.