During his Sunday night show in Phoenix, comedian Chris Rock, who was famously slapped by actor Will Smith during the 2022 Academy Awards, 

revealed that he had been asked to host the ceremony the following year but had turned down the offer.

Rock also profanely claimed that he had turned down the opportunity to appear in a Super Bowl commercial 

during his performance at the Arizona Financial Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

In reference to the murder trial of O.J. Simpson, whose ex-killing wife's started with her leaving a pair of eyeglasses at an Italian restaurant,

Rock compared returning to the Oscars to returning to the scene of a crime.

According to Rock, asking Nicole Brown Simpson to return to the award ceremony would be like telling her to "go back to the restaurant."

The March ceremony slap was brought up briefly and early in the comedian's roughly 90-minute show on Sunday,

but the sold-out audience appeared ready to hear about it.

Someone in the audience shouted, "Talk about it," as Rock mentioned how someone could become famous for being a victim.