Marshall Fields' 1950 marriage outfit was worn by eight ladies from one family.

When serena stoneberg, strolled down the path of North side Church this month her wedding proceeds with a family custom

That spread over 7 years past lady of the hour across 3 ages and different Chicago areas and rural areas.

To express commitments in the sat in outfit stoneberg turned into the 8 young lady that was recently worn by her grandmother, auntie and cousin on their wedding days

Har let grandma bought it for 100.75$ at the ladies room at the previous Marshall fields on state Street and was the main lady of the hour to wear it in 1950.

 The day preceding to mingle large numbers of those lady's assembled in serena stoneberg's stream North lodging.

The third lady to wear the dress,sharan larson forthcoming, 77,who was the most youthful of the original.

Larson miserable we never discuss it and said 'well, you will wear the dress it simply kind of advanced the rancher has profound association with each other and Chicago

 Last individual to wear this dress in this month Julie Frank Mackey, 42, who got hitched in 2013

 She never considered being hitched Jean Milton Ellis, the 6th lady to wear