Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding

The wedding of Lopez and Ben Affleck was fun for Kevin Smith.

The romance between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez is wonderful. 

In her first two weddings with her new husband, Jennifer dons a dress. Kevin Smith is unable to comment because it was recently announced online.

Smith discussed the affinity for Jersey girl that led him to direct a comedy in 2004 during a virtual press day for his most recent movie.

Smith was seeing at a Georgia estate when getting married before breaking up in 2004, and Affleck and Smith just got married at the second ceremony last weekend.

Smith claimed that it was a classic romance that he thoroughly loved and it had a lovely love story with a lovely conclusion.

This is not at all the conclusion of their life; rather, it is the beginning for Smith and Affleck, who have worked together on numerous films.

Smith claims that he was one of the favourite actors and writers at their wedding. 

Smith also authored a lengthy speech, which Ben Affleck read.