Is Shakira deriding Jennifer Lopez at Super Bowl LIV's halftime?

Notwithstanding, there are sure associations between the Colombian crafter and the Puerto Rican craftsman when they hobnob.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez acted in a notable Latin-themed half time show at Super Bowl LIV.

In a pre Super Bowl interview, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez plunked down before two female hosts to discuss their vital joint effort.

 When Jennifer Lopez began talking in Spanish, Shakira made a progression of frowns and at last figured out how to let out a smirk as the camera's consideration was an attracted to her.

 Attempting to address her own inquiries in Spanish, Jennifer Lopez said "when they my folks heard that ( I would act in the extraordinary bowl),

Jennifer Lopez, who every now and again bombed in talk in Spanish, expressed, "Every Sunday we were since we were Virtually nothing ( watching the Jets ), in this way, consequently, for their motivations, this is the Super Bowl."

 In any case, Shakira ought to be seen grimacing when Jennifer Lopez makes an endeavor to communicate in Spanish.

 That I, definitely, young kid, I am there. I'm addressing Latin a lady locally. I figure the show we will put on will highlight both Shakira, who is shocking, and me