Britney's griner is still in spotlight thanks to ari Chambers and her recent project that includes more women Sports

The creator of highlighther and an 2021 Forbes 30 under 30 honoree The New York based creative has set out to help women

Non-binary individuals receive have the same opportunities and recognition mailers receive.

In August, Grinzer was found guilty of getting into Russia without a gram cannabis oil. 

On February 1, a Russian judge handed down a nine-year sentence for the 31-year old.

Chambers used to be Yahoo Sports as fans of the sport and being citizens from the United States,

We should be putting the name of her on and we should make sure that we sign petitions, talking to the president

Chambers declared that Cherelle was a my best friend. Cherelle is a strong woman. allowed to be. We have to be lifted up and continue to surround ourselves in the love of a beautiful soul like Britney.

She added that she was in the basketball community for women outside of us, we are united by the ball.

We are a unit and we have sisters in other countries. Cherelle and Griner's entire group of friends are keeping the faith alive through this challenging time.