The NC-17 rating for Blonde bothers Ana de Armas

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The NC-17 rating for Blonde bothers Ana de Armas

Actress Ana de Armas disagrees with the movie rating assigned to “Blonde,” her upcoming biopic about Marilyn Monroe.

According to the Motion Picture Association’s website, “Blonde” was given an NC-17 rating earlier this year for having “some sexual content.” This indicates that no one under the age of 17 should be allowed to enter the theatre and that the movie is only appropriate for adults.

De Armas believes that the rating is unfair, though.

She admitted to L’Officiel in a cover story, “I didn’t understand why that happened.” “I can name several television programmes or motion pictures that are much more sexually explicit than “Blonde.” However, it’s crucial to depict all of the events in Marilyn’s life that led to her fate in order to properly tell this tale. It required explanation. Everyone in the cast was aware that we had to visit some unpleasant locations. I wasn’t alone in this.”

The NC-17 rating for Blonde bothers Ana de Armas

The movie “Blonde” was directed by Andrew Dominik and is based on a book by Joyce Carol Oates.

Dominik called the movie “a demanding movie” in a February interview with ScreenDaily.

He said, “If the audience don’t like it, that’s the audience’s f—-ing problem.” It is not the same as seeking public office.

Added him: “It’s kind of what you want—an NC-17 movie about Marilyn Monroe. I want to see the Marilyn Monroe story in its NC-17 adaptation.”

Netflix will start streaming the movie on September 23.


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