He has “eyes of a serial killer,” Lisa Kudrow allegedly told Heidi Montag, according to Spencer Pratt.

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Heidi Montag: The assertion that Lisa Kudrow is “one of the worst humans” Spencer Pratt has ever met has been reiterated.

The former star of “The Hills” added to the controversy on Saturday by posting a new video to TikTok in which he described an alleged conversation between the “Friends” actor and his wife, Heidi Montag.

In 2009, Heidi and I received invitations to our first exclusive A-list party. When we arrived, it was obvious that nobody wanted us there,” the reality star, 39, said before referring to Kudrow by the name of her well-known character, Phoebe Buffay.

Heidi and I didn’t care because there was delicious food and an open bar because it almost felt like we were filming for “Punk’d,” he continued.

“Phoebe [Kudrow] approaches as we are sitting there eating a little caviar, which was a little startling since nobody had spoken to us at all at the party,” says the author.

The sitcom star, 59, allegedly continued to tell Montag, 35, that she “needs to get away from me as quickly as possible because I’m going to murder her” and that he had “the eyes of a serial killer” at that point, according to Pratt.

Montag allegedly waited to see if it was “a joke” before realising it was obviously not, according to Pratt.

There were no laughs, so perhaps this is just a joke or a skit. Perhaps there are hidden cameras at this exclusive party, which is why we were invited. That was the rudest human interaction I’ve ever experienced when she simply walks away.

The biggest takeaway from this, according to one fan, is that Lisa watched the hills. Another wrote, “Biggest thing I got out of this is that Lisa watched the hills.”

Well, clearly she was invested in the show, said a third follower.

Fans of “The Hills” will recall that Pratt and Montag played Lauren Conrad’s rival on the show and were portrayed as its main antagonists.

Page Six contacted Kudrow for comment, but no one from her team responded right away.

This week, the former reality TV star used TikTok for the first time to respond to a fan who asked him to name the rudest celebrity he had ever encountered.

In the video posted to social media, he said, “Oh, that’s simple – Phoebe from ‘Friends’.” One of the worst people I’ve ever met, without a doubt. By far.”

When he told fans he would “think about telling the story” if the video received a million views, he added fuel to the fire of controversy.

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